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Our VDS Content Management System

The VDS Content Management System is our own fully developed content management system. We have spent the last 5 years developing a system to suit our clients' needs and requirements. Our system has continually expanded with features and flexibility, giving our clients a wider scope to do what they need to in order to make their website easier to use.

Our System is a modular system, which means you only pay for what you use. If you do not require shopping cart facilities on your website, then this module is unavailable, and you are not charged for the usage of this. However, if at a later date, you wish to integrate this into your website, it can be added with only minor disruption to your site - without the need of a complete new website. It contains a fully administrative back-end which allows all content and data on your website to be edited/added by your own staff, avoiding the need of constantly having to call us for minor changes to the website. It also allows you to keep your information up to date and current.

Our VDS Content Management System requires that your website be situated on one of our host servers, and is available on a 'Pay as you go' system. The actual CMS base files remain the property of Onespot, and are in a state of constant evolution. This way we can keep development costs down to the client, as we don't need to start from scratch every time. In the event of a client requiring to move their website and host elsewhere, we will make every attempt to take a static snapshot of your website and provide this to you. This can then be given to another developer for them to use in reconstructing the website. Please note that all administrative functionality and website facilities will be lost after this snapshot, and will need to be reconstructed by your new developer.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

VDS Features

Our VDS Content Management System has been developed to cater to almost every requirement. Below is a list of the features our software currently supports. New features are added all the time, making your site better as time goes on.

Administrative Back-End

All of our VDS Enabled sites have an administrative back–end. Within this area, you can add/edit content to your site as needed, reducing the need to have your website content edited by a web designer. This gives you the ability to keep your website content accurate and up to date.

Product Display

Display your products on the website using our Product Display module. This allows you to create a 'Virtual Catalog' of your products. It has the ability to add categories and subcategories, making it flexible enough for almost all requirements. This can then be made to encompass search functionality for added benefit. Product information and images can all be added/edited and removed through Admin. At this level, products are not available for online purchase.

Product Sales

This is an extension of the Product Display above, allowing your products to be purchased online through a 'Shopping Cart' System. Products can be added to cart, then to the check out, and paid for online (if required). All credit card information is securely encrypted and transported for manual transactions when received. The Product Administration allows 'variations' to be given to products, enabling many possibilities (for example, a T-Shirt can be given a variation of 'Colour' and 'Size', allowing the purchaser to choose these options upon ordering). Product Codes and Prices can also be calculated based on this variation (for example, a Large T-Shirt may be an extra dollar).

A Wholesale module is also available, allowing these same products to be sold wholesale to a logged in member (see below) at wholesale prices. Pricing structures can be altered depending on the group of the member logged in, allowing the site to establish 'Power Buyer' pricing for those special customers.

A new "Digital Download" module has also been designed to allow the purchase of Digital products (E-Books, images etc)

Newsletter Feature

This allows the collection of email addresses submitted by visitors to the website for receiving email newsletters. Visitors to the site can elect to submit/remove their email address from the websites mailing list. A newsletter can then be created in admin and sent to all recipients. This is useful in informing newsletter recipients of current specials, or updated news topics, etc. Newsletters can be sent to all Members, Subscribers, or to a particular group.

News Section

This allows a News section to be added to the website, allowing the latest news or events to be added and displayed in order of event, etc. Very useful for club websites and organisations.

Member and Group Administration

Members and groups can be added to the website, allowing members to log in and view information only available to their group. Multiple groups are possible, allowing different information to be available depending on the group of the currently logged in member. Individual web–pages, News Items, Calendar Items, and Product Pricing can be allocated to groups – making our VDS the perfect solution for club and group websites.

Calendar Feature

A full featured Calendar Admin is available to allow events to be added to a calendar. Calendar events can then be displayed as required on the website (in some cases extra coding may be required to ensure this operates as required). Calendar events can be assigned to groups, allowing separate events for multiple groups.

Image Gallery

This allows galleries to be set up on the website, and images added to these galleries. A range of layouts are available, which enables you to apply diversity to your galleries – making this ideal for photographers, art exhibition websites, etc. This can also be upgraded to allow online sales of these images, which is extremely useful for photographers wishing to sell prints online, or to even allocate a group to the gallery and allow log-ins for weddings and events, etc.

Much More

The above should give you an idea of the diversity our VDS Content Management System provides to your business and clients. In some cases, some initial setup may required by our team, which allows us to best ensure that everything meets the requirements of your website.

Many other features are scheduled, and this is by no means a complete list of the features or application of our system. If you have a special requirement, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information.